Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Heads up!!

wth is happening we're only 2 months away from christmas! I'm seriously excited for the month of November!! There are a lot of non-working holiday for next month and I'm heading to Singapore on the third week. So basically I only have 2 full weeks to go to class. But since there are a lot of unexpected class suspensions, I know that we're going to cram everything on December before finals week. Sarap muna bago hirap is the concept for the next 2 months. lol. This term has been good to me in terms of work load (hope I wouldn't jinx this) compared to the last terms I had. Although I'm taking more units this term, my profs are more chill. I'm not complaining though. haha! Anyway, I'll be updating again on the next few weeks to come. I can't wait to blog about my travel to Singapore with my friends!! :D