Monday, January 29, 2018

FITNESS JOURNEY (2013-present)

I started working out regularly since January 2013, but last September, I stopped. I've always been a fitness enthusiast. I love working out, I love eating healthy, I love reading articles about fitness, I love everything related to health and fitness, to the point where I became obsess with it. But that was before when I was just starting. I was desperate to lose weight that time. I wasn't doing it the healthy way. I workout out too much, I starve myself, I was restricting myself to 500 calories a day. The result? I messed up my metabolism. My weight was fluctuating. It's either I would eat too much or I would eat little.

 Fast forward to February 2015. I decided to go vegan. That was the time when I wasn't going to school and I spent too much time on tumblr. I have fitness blog on tumblr where I keep track on my progress and reblog inspiration. I followed several vegan blogs so I decided to give it a try. I didn't do it to lose weight btw. I watched films and documentaries about animal cruelty and how toxic meat and dairy products is to our body so I was easily converted to veganism. 1 month after being vegan I tried the HCLF diet combined with Raw till 4. Still vegan during that time btw. HCLF stands for High Carb Low Fat.  So basically in HCLF you just need to consume 80% Carbs and 20% Fat. Raw till 4, well from its name, you cannot eat cooked food until 4 pm. Sounds hard? nah. It was surprisingly fun and satisfying and fulfilling. There are no calorie restriction (I remember consuming at least 2000 calories that time) and still manage to lose that extra fat I've always wanted to burn. I was also doing Kyla Itsines' BBG program that time so that also helped. During my 9-month-break, I was really sad close to becoming depress, and fitness had been my escape. That's why from morning till night, I would just concentrate on foods that I would eat for the next days, and scheduling my workout.

May 2015 I went back to school. I had a hard time to continue with HCLF, Raw till 4 and even being vegan. My school is 2 hours aways from our house plus more hours if it's traffic, so as much as possible I don't want to carry too many things hence not packing my lunch and snack. I started consuming meat and dairy product but still conscious on my food intake. 

Going vegan and trying out HCLF and Raw till 4 has helped me to have a good relationship with food. Today, I'm having a hard time to start eating healthy again. But unlike before, I wouldn't intentionally starve myself, but sometimes I can't help it because of too much work. I'm partly blaming my schedule and uni for it. The workload is just too much I couldn't even finish eating a crackers. But now I just want to get back on track and start working out again. This year I will try the intermittent fasting and see if that works for me. I'll be also doing Kayla Itsines' BBG to jump start my healthy life style again. I'm going to post updates every now and then so please stay tuned :)