Wednesday, August 16, 2017

she's 21

Another year has come to an end. I’m turning 21 tomorrow and as usual, I’m not psyche about it. I’m planning to celebrate my birthday alone, like take myself out on a date. I always go to the mall alone though (to shop) but this time, I wanna do something different. I’m craving for japanese food so I’m going to look for a good resto to treat myself.
Anyway, it’s been 4 months since I updated this blog. I was so busy with school I had no time to write on my blog. I lost 10 pounds without even trying. It was due to stress and literally had no time to eat. People kept on asking if I’m on a diet and tbh it’s getting kinda annoying, I just hate it when people comments about my weight. idc whether I lose or gain, I just find it unnecessary for anyone to comment about my body. but anyway, I’m just glad the term is finally over and I have 2 weeks to enjoy my last term break as student.
This year has thought me a lot of lessons yet again. Too many that I'm too lazy to list them all down. As I'm trying to look back on my 20 years of existence, I really can't think of any special thing that I did that is life changing. I never did anything besides spending all my time finishing all my school works. I had so little time for myself. The only thing that I'm proud of is I finally completed the 10 step korean skin care routine. HAHAHA! I started incorporating one product at a time. Took me 6 months to finally complete everything. I'm going to post about my skin care routine next time. 
That's all. Happy twentyfcknfirst bday to me!!!!