Sunday, July 26, 2009

i'm on hiatus

i'm on hiatus. i'll study my lessons 'cause are quarterly exam is coming...
even though it's next month i think i should prepare. so, even i'll be off for very long days please continue leaving some message in my tagboard... i'll reply to you once i'm free...but don't expect me to reply to you immidiately.... hope all of you understand:D i don't want to fail my subjects~! so i should study for a better result^^.... i may be online once in a while but it will not take long... i can't say when will i sign in again but once i'm online i will put it in my tagboard so you'll know^^... so bye guys^^ i'll miss yah all*-*~!hope everybody can understand me~!

zaijan~! JIA YOU!

i love you all~! hope i can chat with you all day long but i have to finish something... even it's irritating me~! ugh! i hate school !

Saturday, July 25, 2009


okey guys! hope you don't mind if i keep on blogging this days... i just miss the times that i'm having fun in front of computer xD :]

so here's another post! almost all of us knows this KOREAN girl group 2NE1. actually i'm not really an avid fan of them but i love there songs, but i'm not really that obsess in there group... harhar^^

well... actually i don't really know the names of the members of this girl group. i only know "SANDARA PARK" A.K.A "DARA" in korea and all around asia. 'cause before she enter showbiz in korea, she already enter the showbiz here in the philippines. well... all filipinos know that right? so i know her a little... i just remeber when i was a little kid, i'm having fun in singing her filipino songs... so that! hha:) *sharing*

first of all, i didn't expect that she will be really popular in korea so my expression is "WOW!"
is that sandara! i think her grammar in filipino is more good now, hha:)) i really don't know that she can sing well. i just know that she can act but not in singing. but anyway... after finding out that she's one of the most popular singer in korea, i think i'm wrong! oyeah! she's good in singing:>

there MV became really popular here in the philippines and even reach number 2 in MYX daily top 10. so there group are so amazing~! just like SHE^^ you know!, ela! hebe! selina! hha:)

okey... so i'll end up here! i just really want to make blog this days cause starting next week i'll become more busier 'cause are quarterly exam are coming! "dandandandan!" ugh~!

so thanks for reading leh~!

Friday, July 24, 2009

I L♥vE "RAINIE YANG !" wo ai ni xD


i'm currently in a mood in posting blog~!
well... i can't think of something different but still interesting topic so i choose rainie yang to be my topic in my 9th blog:]

hello! who don't like RAINIE YANG?! well i have 4 words to describe her...
who's with me?
i love her! she's really talented!
she really can sing,dance,act well!

and she's my inspiration when it comes to styles!

well i have a sharing to you guys...
so all of you knows that my blog is ""
well... rainie's blog is "rainie's imperfect world":)

so i get the idea klaire's imperfect world to rainie yang:)

i'm so totally in love with her (don't get me wrong! i'm still a girl!)
i just love the way she sing,dance and act!

and i even love the way she cares for her dog that she calls it "yumi" cute name is in it?!
and i love her especially when she's with MIKE HE~!

owhmygosh~! they're such a cute couple!

anyway... soon her drama with wilber pan will be airing here in the philippines!
can't wait! even i already watch it i can still feel the excitement in mee!:D

i really wanted to buy her album but bad thing it's not available here in the philippines T_T
someday i want to meet her, but before i'll meet her, i'll make sure that i already met danson tang! hha:]

i love rainie yang~! such a pretty girl! and really popular!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

napilayan ako~! (T_T)

ansakit ng paa ko! napilay ako eh... so parang yung kanang paa ko lang yung may silbe ngayun kse ung kaliwang paa ko napilay... hha:)

di ko alm kung kailangan ko b matuwa o malungklot dahil sa ginwa ko sa sarili ko.... kase ganto yan....

bumababa ako ng hagdanan dito sa bahay nmen... tas ung last step na bigla naphiga ung paa ko so side ng paa ko ung napantapak ko! odiba?! grabe ansakit tlga! 'tas ng swimming class p kame khapon! lalo tuloy sumakit... 'tas sa friday may training p kme sa club! NAY! BAKET?
(anong sabe ni nanay?....never say die! tomorrow is another day!) hha:] adiik~!

yun lng... this week natapos n lhat ng long tests nmen kya di n ako gano busy kase wla p kmeng new lessons...

kya nkpag blog ako ^^ sna laging ganto~! hay buhay....

dito nlang! bye na! hintayin niyo next post ko:D~! ouch~! ansakit tlga ng paa ako!


to all people who don't understand what this blog is... i need to say sorry... i find it hard to translate in english. But don't worry. my next blog will be in english again... thanks:)... hope you understand^^

klaire's imperfect world

Friday, July 17, 2009

The stupid girl beside danson!

SEE this?! this picture is taken from the new drama series of danson! owh god! i got pissed off! hate that girl! i wanna cry!


Danson Tang Pictures, Images and Photos
right now,i'm looking at the blog of danson in wretch...

and i just realize how busy he is and when i hear his trackback i can't control my tears 'cause i realize how far is he in me T_T... he's in taiwan and i'm here in the philippines... even though taiwan is the nearest country in the philippines, i can still feel the distance between me and danson...

since i've watch hana kimi taiwan, i started liking danson...and till now i'm still loyal for him... he deserves my love... now you know why hana kimi is really important to me... 'cause if i didn't watch HKT, danson tang will not come in my life.... well, my love for danson prooves what's the meaning of love for me... T_T

owh god~! i don't wanna cry...
right now i'm listening at
"RICHARD MARX- NOW AND FOREVER" that song, danson tang calls it DT song...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

our classes is suspended :D yipee!!


damn it! i can't believe that the storm will save me from my book report today... hha:]

everytime we will have our medical/dental check up in school, our classes always suspend... poor doctors... they keep on waiting for our class...
no need to be mad... just be mad at your wrong schedule... wrong timing! harhar!

thank goodness i'm too lazy to read the book that i'll report entitled "THE LITTLE PRINCE" it's torturing me! i can't understand everything!!! i can't understand the author! why is it he need to wrote a story like that? i really don't know if the author is the problem or i'm the problem...

i'm really lazy when it comes on reading books... i really didn't appreciate every single letters,every single words and every single syllables that written on that book! i hate it !

i hate reading books but i love collecting books! oyeah~! owh maybe i'm the problem.... what do you think? good thing i didn't report today or else i'll be speechless in front of our class... owh~!

well to give you an idea of how the book looks like i'll show you the picture....

anyone who read this already? you should tell me the story! it has 89 pages...

anyway... i want to change the topic....

last last week i've already watch "TRANSFORMERS".... damn it! it's really good! though it's kinda a boyish movie, i still love it:D
good thing i seated on the right seat in the cinema...

'cause i remember.... the last time i've watch a movie with my mom "SPIDERMAN" the stupid kid behind us, he keeps on telling the entire story of the movie with his dad! so his voice was really loud that even i don't want to hear what he's talking about i can hear it because of his irritating voice...

so i'm really lucky that i seated on the right place when i watch the transformers...

brrr.... it's really cold today! the storm here is really strong!

i have to end my 4th blog here....

need to go....


thanks for reading^^

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

school ! so really really very BUSY !

Hi! first of all i want to apologize to all of you for not opening my accounts.

i'm really busy ! if only i have time ! i will open my accounts and stay in front of my computer all day! owh! i miss the times that i spend almost all of my time in front of my computer! but now ! ugh!

OWH GOD~! it's really hard for me to study all my lessons ! they're torturing ME! i hate it!

my schedule for this week is... we have 7 long test and i will do my book report,news reporting, and free talk ! so i have to memorize all of that! i really don't know if i can do it! hope i can ! but i think i can't !!!

so to all my online friends! i really need to say sorry to all of you 'cause i have not time for you, guys! xori!

i can's smile anymore! everyday, new assignments,new reportings new lessons! what shall i do to make it all easy for me?!!!

i don't even have time for danson! all my classmates are addicted to KIM BUM and i'm the only one for danson! whatever pips'! ugh! i don't know the latest news about danson right now! i don't even know what's he's latest schedule! gotta check it ASAP!!!!

i really need time! kailangan ko tlga ng oras!

i don't even have time for myself... every lunch i spend all of my time to study for my next subjects so sometimes i'm not eating anymore! and on the coming week we'll have our outreach! and by the way! tomorrow i'm the prayer leader! what will i pray!???

i feel stupid!

so.... guys! really need to go! it's already late in evening so i need to sleep and tomorrow i have class! told 'yah i'm really busy!

so wait for the next part! xiexie:D

to be continued ← due to lack of time, i have to continue my blogging next time i'll sign in again...