Saturday, August 29, 2009

disgusting + funny video

HALO! Photobucket
new post here! it's been a long time since i post a new blog
so now i wanna share a video for all of you! :D

hohoho!!!Photobucket you should watch the video! haha:)) try not to laugh... Photobucket
well.... for sure some of you will find this video disgusting.

it's kinda "PG" but its really funny!
i just saw this video from my facebook... i wanna share it this time!

please comment on this post once you've watch or read this new short post!
GTG! bye!
my next post will be on September 2 'cause September 2 is the most important day for me! Photobucket guess it!!! okey? hahas:)

bye! Photobucket

Monday, August 17, 2009

a BIG thank you for celebrating my birthday with me!


Halo people! Photobucket

i have to thank all of you (especially those who greeted me a happy birthday in advance or on my exact bday!<:-P )....

so coming from the bottom of my heart Photobucket.... xiexie ni!Photobucket

i'll not forget you all! i really love my cyberfriends:D
and anyway.... i also like to extend my thanks to all my classmates and friends especially our class advicer who remember my birthday! i though they don't know that today is my birthday.... hahas Photobucket

i really appreciate all your greetings!Photobucket thanks for those who called and texted me just to tell happy birthday ! xiexie! thanks to all my classmate who sing a happy birthday song for me in school.... LOL!Photobucket they tease me while they're singing the birthday song....

just like this....
" happy birthday to you ! happy birthday to you! happy birthday ! happy birthday! happy birthday to you !
i only have one reaction..... as in "what?!" haha! its just like they're singing an advance birthday song to danson! hahas:)Photobucket

But anyway.... THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! muax! Photobucket i love yah all!

thanks for the greets!:)

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Friday, August 14, 2009

a very short post!

watch the video first:)

the topic of this post should be the MV of wonder girls "nobody but you".
but when i heard the song of danson tang "xin ge" i decided to change it :) hahas^^
so almost all of my post is about danson,
i think i don't have anything to say this time...
so enjoy the video and enjoy the short post! haha!


told yah~! it's really short!

different topics... xD

(i hate danson for making me addicted to him)


hahas:) at last! our exam ended today so i can spend my time now in front of computer!

sorry for late reply guys! i have to take my time in studying my notes...
(even if i don't like)

so on monday will be my birthday! wuhu! and the results of our exam :O~! owh that's the trilling part! yiiee!!!

i wish the results are good! but i have to be honest! our exam is really difficult!
all the subjects have an essay part except math! haha:))

but anyway... danson has a new post in his blog! you can go directly on his blog by clicking
here ~! guys! help me to translate it in english! i try my best to understand it, but i really can't! anyone who can translate it for me?!'s my hobby to look on his blog everytime i have time to open my computer! so don't be shock if i'm update in danson's post!
well... my friends says i'm obsessed on him! but i think i'm not that obsess... just a number one fan of him!
owh here's my punch line....
" i take danson as drugs 'cause i'm addicted on him! " xD~!

i always say that in front of my friends 'cause i'm proud that i really admire danson:D

hahas:) so anyway... i really have to say sorry to all of you 'cause of late replies!
but i'll try my best to reply to all of your messages~!

so what about now?! i think my blog will end up here.... till here guys!


klaire's imperfect world

Friday, August 7, 2009

chinese class

i'll be really busy in the coming days because of our quarterly exam! it's next week already!
wednesday - friday!

i have my first chinese class today! hahas:) i'm really busy 'cause my club dismiss us late so i have no time to attend chinese class... so good thing i'm early today:D

i'm really clueless of what our teacher is teaching us! you know.... she keeps on saying chinese words and i can't even understand her english! 'cause her english accent is really hard to understand... i mean she's slang... (i'm not insulting her i'm just saying the truth!) but her chinese is really good... 'cause she's half chinese and she lives in china last year and migrate here in philippines! yeay! harhar!

anyway... may i change the topic.... thanks for those who voted me in miss taiwan club! well.... they said it's already broken *meaning, once you vote there your vote will not be counted anymore* so thanks for all your support! i love yah guys!

and for the very first contest i've joined... the result is...."i loose!" haha:) i don't know why i'm really proud of the result! well... i think i deserves that! 'cause i'm not expecting to be one of the winners... but anyway thanks again for those who said goodluck for me!:D

i love you again and again!
XOXO -klaire:)

"i can't believe that i'm not studying! next week will be our exam but still, i'm to lazy to study! darn! i became lazier everyday!"

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My birthday is coming !

i can already count on the days before my birthday strikes!
the days are really fast... it seems that yesterday was just last year....
well... before my birthday comes we will take first our quarterly exam... 0-O

next week will be our quarterly exam while next next week (august 17) will be my b-day!
there are some people who greeted me already in friendster so thank you very much!

well... tomorrow we don't have classes because the malacaƱang announce that tomorrow will be a non-working holiday here in the philippines because tomorrow will be the funeral of the former president corazon aquino

well... she's the very first woman president here in asia and even became one of the most excelent president here in the philippines...

anyway I have a trivia!

did you know that former president corazon aquino studied in St.Scholastica's Academy Manila when she's in grade school?
~oyeah! that's true! and i'm very proud to be a scholastican too! she studied in st.scho manila while me in st.scho marikina... anyway it's both exclusive for girls school.... 'cause it's still st.scho! hha:))

So when she died she had a BIG effect in all St.Scholastica here in the philippines...
our school even distributes yellow ribbon (symobolizes corazon aquino)

so condolence to all filipinos!i felt a little sadness too when i heard that she passed away....

so thank you all for reading my blog! and thank you former president corazon aquino!

anyway....celebrate my birthday with me here on blogspot okey?! ^^haha:)
before i end...

i have a trivia again!...
did you know that the first album of danson tang released last august 17,2007?
i'm really happy 'cause his first album release on exact date of my birthday! hha:)
so august 17 are both important date for me and danson:) ]sharing[

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