Saturday, March 18, 2017


"This is one of the busiest term ever. I cannot wait for this term to end" - me every term. LOL. But seriously, I only have 4 subjects but the loads of work that I'm carrying is too much. I barely have any free time and I'm already lucky if I get a 6-hour sleep at night. But of course, working out is still a priority, but other than that I don't have other "me" time. It is really true that in college, even if you want to cry because you cannot handle the stress anymore, you must hold back your tears because you don't have time for drama. The struggle is real. Sometimes when I'm on my way to school and I can't hold back my tears anymore, I just let it all out. I'm lowkey sobbing and I think few people have seen me cry in the subway but IDC. I just want to sleep.

Recently some of my highschool friends got their diploma already and some are just gradwaiting. Whenever I open my instagram account and see my friends having a trip to somewhere, I can't help but feel envious because they have so many time to do the things that they want, and here I am struggling to fit all the things I need to do in 24 hours.

Despite being busy and even if from time to time I just want to cry out loud, I must admit that I still enjoy my course. I have no regrets that I'm taking up Interior Design. I was hesitant before to take this course before because I know how time consuming it is, but with every plate and plans that I'm doing, I become more and more hungry to do better and excel in everything I do. I love Interior Design and I must say that I feel blessed that I get to study every aspects of it. I cannot wait to graduate, get a job and share my design with different clients. All of this for our Father above whose presence have never left me. :)

PS: I'll be sharing some of my plates and projects on my next post. see ya! x