Saturday, September 12, 2009


i've deleted 3 post here in my blog! i don't know if it's good news xD
anyway... on the past days until now, i'm craving for ice creams!! don't know why! i love vanilla and chocolate flavor! the taste is just HEAVEN!
i'm a food digger! i just love to eat and eat especially when i don't have anything to do. i love chocolates also! even they stick on my teeth! but i don't like dark
chocolates! it's bitter!! but i love ANYTHING RELATED TO CHOCOLATES!

except chocolate cakes and brownies. so when my friends gave me a chocolate cakes/brownies, i gave it to my other classmates. i swear! the taste is just suckish! in my opinion only....
i don't like to eat candies also. i find candies more sweeter than chocolates.chupa chups are exempted hihi^^. i love eating gummies! especially while watching movies. i don't eat popcorn if the flavor isn't caramel. at first i love cheese flavor but can't you notice that almost all of the foods have a cheese flavor!! they even leave a orange colors in your fingers!sorry for those who love cheese:)
i eat all kinds of fruits! i love eating fruits. but eating vegetable is not my habit. i only eat carrots and lettuce.i think that's one of my bad habit. i love eating japanese,chinese foods!! but my most favorite food is italian food!! i can't survive w/out eating italian food!! i wonder what ingredients did italians chef put in their food to make it that good!! oohh! i'm drooling right now!!

but of course! anyone can't survive without a beverage! right?

over all the drinks i've drink water is still the best for me. but beside of water i also like to drink coffee. i know not all of us drinks coffee but i love drinking it.but the effect of the coffee in me is opposite! whenever i drink coffee i feel sleepy. haha:)) so whenever i've watch horror movies, i'm making sure that i drunk
coffee, for me to sleep early. hihi.i'm not always drinking milk 'cause i find it for
babies only. but milk is really good for our body especially for our bones. but
be sure not to drink too much milk 'cause it's also bad if we drink too much of it.
learn how to limit^^drinking powdered juice,shakes, etc. isn't bad. but whenever i'm drinking those drinks i can feel the calories that added in my body so i only drink it sometimes.

owh wait! GTG! my post will end up here! hope you enjoy my post^^
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kaka said...

look so yummy!
i luv Chocolate too^__________^


kikiki~~ nice ne! :3

Lucy said...

Very kawaii :)
Im actually not a big fan of water haha, i rarely drink, and most of the time not enuf so i get dehydrated. So i drink mininum, and i drink alot of milk xD

shirley said...

haha..same here.. ilove ice cream and chocolate too..after school tlgang dadaan pa kame ng mga clasmate koh s mall pra lang bumili ng icecream..nakakaadik!..

♥Cherrie- said...

LOL. u hate brownies? hahas. ii wan ice cream too oh. ): ):

klaire @ cherrie said...

i really don't like the taste of brownies :& hihi^^

Liza said...

I want some ice cream too because ut is so hot. :(
I am craving for some Krispy Kreme doughnut.. I am not a fan of brownies. lol

happy blogging.