Wednesday, March 2, 2016

School update

Hola! We had our midterm week last week and yesterday my profs already uploaded our midterm grades and I'm so happy with the results! If you know me personally, you would know that I wasn't the studious-type of person. I wasn't grade conscious, as long as I pass I'm already satisfied with it. But ever since I started taking up Interior Design, I want to excel on everything that I do - whether it's a minor or a major class. I really love my course even if it's so stressful at times. I'm so interested to learn and I'm always challenged to do and be my best. I could talk for hours about how I'm in love with my course but I'd rather save it for a separate post since I'm so tired right now and I want to sleep right after publishing this post. I got home at 10 pm and I wasn't able to sleep well last night so I'm really drained!

Anyway, before I end this post I would like to share you this book that I'm saving up for. It costs $190+ / 6,000+ php. My professor for my Interior Design Principle class gave me a pdf copy of it but I still like to have a hard copy. I still don't know that standard sizes of furnitures and spaces so I REALLT NEED this book. Why do it have to be so expensive :( If you would like to sponsor me please feel free to email me or comment on this post. lol. haha! As if :P

I have to end it here. bonne nuit!