Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Spo0ky HaLloWeEn!!

i'm really not sure when is the REAL halloween day, so i'm curious when will i celebrate it! Photobucket is it november 1, october 31 or november 2 some says it's november 1 but i believe that it's october 31 because when it's already november 1 we celebrate another occasion. but i'm not sure what is it!!Photobucket i'll research on it ASAP!!

anyway.... HALO everyone! yow!!
i want to advance my greeting of happy SPOOKY halloween 'cause tomorrow will be the birthday of my grandmother (on my mother side)so i can't open my blogPhotobucket; and the next day after tomorrow, we will go to our province. owh!! it's suckish!!Photobucket imagine! 4 hours on car just listening to my ipod and looking in every tree we will pass on. oohh!! i hate going on province!! boredom strikes!! BHAM!!Photobucketactually i'm asking my father if he can put a WIFI connection on our car, and he just laugh when i say it. is it realy impossible??? blah blah blah... i hate it:) BTW, i'm on hiatus on past days 'cause of quarterly exam but now i'm already free!! yeay!Photobucketfreedom!! i can use computer everytime i want!! no hiding anymore!! but our exam is not yet finish 'cause today we don't have classes i don't know why. but our place is raise on signal no.2 due to another typhoon. DAMN!!Photobucketsuppose to be our exam today is social studies and reading. hahahaha =)) Photobucket
anyway, this post should be about spooky things but i can't think of anything that can give you a goose bumps. amm.... "BOO!!" do i scare you???? haha!!Photobucketi suck!! can't think of anything that can scare you !! but actually i'm online now on my youtube account to find a scary video to post here but i'm not brave enough to watch a suspense short clip so after 15 minutes of spending time searching for short suspense video, dat dat dat and finally TADAH!!!Photobucketagain and again i end up watching DANSON TANG'S video on youtube. harhar!!!Photobucketbut guys do you know that i already got the latest album of danson via air21!! i should post a blog about that next time. going back to scary things, do you know that when i was 6,7 and 8 years old i love to attend halloween party! haha!! my costume??? an ANGEL!! bwaha!! Photobucketi prefer being an angel than wearing a black lipstick!

hihi^^ i'm so talkative~~~
Photobucketbut here's another trivia of mine, do you know that i didn't experience going door to door of our different neighbors and say "TRICK OR TREAT!!" hahas!! my parents didn't allow me.... so sad :(( sad times! sad times!!Photobucket

owh, to end up this post i just wanna share my halloween wish to every one.....

" i wish edward cullen will bite me so i can be a vampire too!! " haha!! Photobucket
so what's your halloween wish?? tell me! gau su wo!! just click on "__ gave some love" on top of my post and you will be directed on my comment page. so bye now guys!! :*
waitin for you comment :D
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Friday, October 16, 2009

blah blah blah blah...

halo everyone!! finally, new post again! hahas!!
the video is dai wo zou by rainie yang cheng lin. i got hook by this MV! i love it :D
'cause you know, i'm really a HUGE fan of rainie! love her much^3^
in that MV, i can really feel the message of the video 'cause rainie sings it with emotion so i can feel
the sadness of that song.
she's really a good singer! i love her voice and i love the way she is now:D
anyway, i failed to open my accounts for almost 3 weeks due to typhoon that came here
in the philippines.i don't want to talk about it anymore 'cause i already had a trauma every time
i'm hearing that there's another typhoon coming in our country.
Did you know almost all the place here in our place (ok?) is already occupied by the
evacuees due to the distraction of there house.
some of the student may find it FUN 'cause we don't have classes for 1 week! but i'm mad
'cause do you know that we don't have SEMBRAKE??
i hate it!!
blah blah blah blah.... wanna change the topic!!
i wanna share some pictures for you my blog readers:D

(hihi^^ those pictures are my gifts for danson tang on his birthday last september 2,2009.)
( i made a stars and put it in a jar and together with the jar, i put a message there for DT)
( all my classmates are asking for the sneak peek on my bedroom. well here it is:D )
(that's the view of my bedroom when you're entering the door,i didn't take a pic inside 'cause it too messy)
(obviously, those 2 pictures is me)

visit my friendster or multiply accounts to see more pictures i uploaded. but the pictures of my gift for
Danson, you can only see those pictures here.anyway, speaking of my present for danson haha!
i know it's really late because his b-day is sept.2.
'cause i only uploaded it today:D harhar. anyway, i just wanna tell you that every sept.2 i always give
present for danson even though i can't give him that gift personally. but everytime his birthday strikes,
i and my friends celebrate it :) and the chocolate picture together with a picture, i just want you to know
that the picture that i'm holding is danson's picture when he was young. i really try my best to find that
baby picture and at last!!!find it already:D sorry if it's not that clear:D hihi^^
anyway, just wanna give credits to my friendster friends to my close friends, nicole,gwen,alex,mags....
and to one of my affies/friend "tintin".
just wanna give credits for them 'cause they ask my condition if i'm okey or not when the typhoon leave
disaster in our place. so xiexie!!

love you lots ^3^
gonna end up my post for today! and anyway, i'm renewing my passport tomorrow!! at last! yeay!!
so bye guys! don't know when to post again.
but please wait for it even if i assure that it will be next month already. hihi^^

PS: this post is kinda messy when you'll view it in IE for better result, use mozilla firefox
or apple start. thanks.