Friday, September 25, 2009

too many things to tell you:D

hallo!Photobucketso many things to tell you guys!!
waa~~ so busy busy lah!!Photobucketwoo!! i'm suffering from stress!!
stress at home,stress in school,stress in my club and stress here in my blog!! yeah! in my blog!!
can't believe that there will be spammer that would dare to leave a rude messages on my tagboard!Photobucketshe/he's a BIG LOOSER!! owh maybe she/he is not a person! owh maybe he/she is an alien!! waha~~!!Photobucketdon't even know her/his gender! but anyway, even she's girl or boy i still HATE THAT SH*T SPAMMER!!! ugh! i hate it!!Photobucketanyway, i would like to share a cool website to all of you lah~~Photobucketit's all about a wish. honestly, i find it creepy but believe it or not, i think it really works!Photobucketjust read the testimonials of people that wishes on that site! they can't believe that their wish came true!! anyway, speaking of wishes i think i made a promise that once i post a blog i would tell you why i get your email addressPhotobucket... owh! the reason? i think it's not that important for you but it's really important for me. so why i get your email add is because of that website i'm telling just awhile ago. i made a wish. i'm really desperate about that wish!!Photobucketand once you've entered your wish there will be a simple directions that you should do in order for that wish to come true. one of the directions i should do is, i should open my wish page at least once a day. and i failed to open it!Photobucketand for my wish to retain i should send that website from 8 different people. i don't realize that i almost get all the email address of my affies!! i thought i only get some of the e-add of my affiliates.Photobucketi just realize it when i saw all your messages with me with your email address in it. but don't worry! i've already deleted all your messages with me containing your precious email address....Photobucketso that's the reason lah~~ anyways, wanna know the website about the wishes blah blah??? click here!!
if you wanna try it just feel free. i'm not the domain of that website! haha! anyhow, once you've made a wish and your wish came true, don't forget to credit me okey??? haha! jokes:)Photobucketdat dat dat dat blah blah blah blah........ do you know that one of my close friend in school invites me to go to her birthday party next friday (10/2/09) oohh!! i'm really excited! but i'm just curious!! what present should i gave to her????Photobucketplease suggest something!!
anyway, just awhile ago, during our TLE class (TLE means TECHNOLOGY LEAVING EDUCATION......) we had our cooking activity. but it'll only took i think just 25 minutes and that subject is 2 hours!! so nothing to do again. so i and my classmates decided to tell ghost stories!!Photobucketbefore i continue, one of the common sayings here in the philippines is, don't ever tell a ghost story during friday 'cause the power of the bad spirits and the spirits of the ghost is really strong. so please bare with me if i will not tell anymore the ghost stories i and my classmates shared.
so going back to 2 hours blah blah... yeah!!we bravely tell ghost stories to oneanother even it's friday. to give you a clue we talk about one of the ghost stories on taiwan.Photobucketit really gives me goose bumps and i can't even take a shower because that ghost story my classmate shared really gave me goose bumps!! yiee !! (honestly, i'm little afraid right now) so while my classmates and i is sharing ghost story (the ghost story were talking about is about a room ghost story) so while were dicussing one of my classmate saw that the curtain in our HE room moves.Photobucketthere's another room inside our HE room so that room is closed and the curtain in that room moves. there's no air and of course, no people!'cause it's locked. and we ask our teacher what's inside that room. our teacher said it's a bed room. waa!! so all of us freak out!!!!Photobucket'cause the ghost stories were sharing have something to do with a bed room/bed. so we all panic! as in panic! and we panic more when the curtain move w/out air either people.Photobucketyiiie!!! waa!! enough! enough! i'm afraid already!!
anyway, last one! i'll give you a trivia about our school.
do you know that there is a saying that before our school builds the very first place that's standing in our school lot is a cementery!!!i believe in that! why?? because if you'll go here in the philippines, one of the very famous books about horror here is "PHILIPPINE GHOST STORY BOOKS" try to read it and you'll read many horror things that happens in our school.
yeah! our school is really hunted!!

owh wait last one!! who have a farmville here?yeah,as in facebook!! make me a neighbor and give me some gifts:D
and please suggest about the present i should give to my friend:)


kaka said...

**calm down about the spammer..
oh about the Farmville~~i've one
in FB too,,but emm..i never care about my farm~~TT^TT,,
poor farmer~~!:(

.The Queens said...

Philippines ghost story ?..
Never heard was your school be hunted .? ^0^

egi said...

i know that spammer is so annoying .
calm down and be patient ya :))
btw, how about ur wish?
i wanna try too after read ur post, hha :D
i think that ghost story is so scary right? even i dunno what, may i know?
a lil bit curious, hhe .
i have a farmville .
add me in facebook ya :D

Scarlette said...

Well sis, I don't believe in wish sites, only in wish stars, but I hope yours come true! :D *hugs* And I hope that spammer will stop harassing you xP Ewww I hate that people!! Oh wow sis, that thing about ghosts is really scary! O_O I've never seen one but I hope I never do x(

- Scarly