Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Spo0ky HaLloWeEn!!

i'm really not sure when is the REAL halloween day, so i'm curious when will i celebrate it! Photobucket is it november 1, october 31 or november 2 some says it's november 1 but i believe that it's october 31 because when it's already november 1 we celebrate another occasion. but i'm not sure what is it!!Photobucket i'll research on it ASAP!!

anyway.... HALO everyone! yow!!
i want to advance my greeting of happy SPOOKY halloween 'cause tomorrow will be the birthday of my grandmother (on my mother side)so i can't open my blogPhotobucket; and the next day after tomorrow, we will go to our province. owh!! it's suckish!!Photobucket imagine! 4 hours on car just listening to my ipod and looking in every tree we will pass on. oohh!! i hate going on province!! boredom strikes!! BHAM!!Photobucketactually i'm asking my father if he can put a WIFI connection on our car, and he just laugh when i say it. is it realy impossible??? blah blah blah... i hate it:) BTW, i'm on hiatus on past days 'cause of quarterly exam but now i'm already free!! yeay!Photobucketfreedom!! i can use computer everytime i want!! no hiding anymore!! but our exam is not yet finish 'cause today we don't have classes i don't know why. but our place is raise on signal no.2 due to another typhoon. DAMN!!Photobucketsuppose to be our exam today is social studies and reading. hahahaha =)) Photobucket
anyway, this post should be about spooky things but i can't think of anything that can give you a goose bumps. amm.... "BOO!!" do i scare you???? haha!!Photobucketi suck!! can't think of anything that can scare you !! but actually i'm online now on my youtube account to find a scary video to post here but i'm not brave enough to watch a suspense short clip so after 15 minutes of spending time searching for short suspense video, dat dat dat and finally TADAH!!!Photobucketagain and again i end up watching DANSON TANG'S video on youtube. harhar!!!Photobucketbut guys do you know that i already got the latest album of danson via air21!! i should post a blog about that next time. going back to scary things, do you know that when i was 6,7 and 8 years old i love to attend halloween party! haha!! my costume??? an ANGEL!! bwaha!! Photobucketi prefer being an angel than wearing a black lipstick!

hihi^^ i'm so talkative~~~
Photobucketbut here's another trivia of mine, do you know that i didn't experience going door to door of our different neighbors and say "TRICK OR TREAT!!" hahas!! my parents didn't allow me.... so sad :(( sad times! sad times!!Photobucket

owh, to end up this post i just wanna share my halloween wish to every one.....

" i wish edward cullen will bite me so i can be a vampire too!! " haha!! Photobucket
so what's your halloween wish?? tell me! gau su wo!! just click on "__ gave some love" on top of my post and you will be directed on my comment page. so bye now guys!! :*
waitin for you comment :D
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klaire said...

hi everyone.

klaire @ classmates...

guys, it's okey if you'll not leave your URL! i understand :D

nicole said...

woi!! waha!! love the line "BOO! DO I SCRAE YOU???" xD love your post !!

kaka said...

i think halloween is on Oct.31..
[hope i'm right]... ^^
oh..happy birthday to ur grandma too,klaire:)

=====Nice day========

hwei said...

happy halloween!