Thursday, April 27, 2017


I'm wearing my high school uniform now as I'm writing this entry. I was looking at my photobooth pictures on my laptop and it's very nice to look back and realize how much things has changed. The oldest pictures on my laptop was 5 years ago and I was second year high school that time. I have pictures with my friends, classmates, with my mom, and a decent amount of selfies. I'm really glad that I go through my old pictures, it's an effective way to distract myself from all the things that's bugging me.

It amazes me and somewhat scares me that everything are really meant to change. I can't even believe that I look different now. I mean, of course my face is supposed to change but I guess we won't notice how much we have changed if we won't look back or unless we look at our old pictures. I don't know about you guys but seeing how much I have changed for the past 5 years scares me. I can't help but wonder how things will turn out 3,5,10 years from now. 5 year ago I never would I have imagine that I will be who I am today. I never expected things to turn out this way. All the things that I planned for myself before didn't happen. If I know that things will happen the way it did I should have prepared myself for it. Again, no regrets, but I wish I never took things for granted.

I'm twenty now and all I can say is life is an unpredictable journey that forces us to change and adapt on things that it would throw our way. We can't expect good days unless we haven't go through a bad one. We won't know what real happiness is unless we have experience what it feels to be broken. We wouldn't know what success feels like unless we push ourselves and experience failure. We will never know what life is if we are afraid to live. Because even if we wish to take a break from reality, we can't. Wether we like it or not, days will pass, so we need to keep up with time and live life to the fullest. We should be prepared for the constant changes and enjoy what we have now. Because everything will pass, and let's be honest, whether we're going through a rough time right now or if we're having the best time of our life, it would be always fun to have a great memory to look back.

Ok... everything that I have written are the things that I want to say to myself. lol. I never pushed myself to my limit. I'm still living inside my comfort zone, and I'm scared to take a risk. But I've come to realize that the only thing that I should be frightened of is the moment I look back years from now and realize that I never really enjoyed life because I was afraid to take a chance. So I would like to take baby steps to achieve my hidden desires in life. I wish soon I can share here on my blog how I took a leap, how I conquered my fears and fulfill my dreams with the help of our Almighty Father.

That's it for now.
With love,

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