Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My birthday is coming !

i can already count on the days before my birthday strikes!
the days are really fast... it seems that yesterday was just last year....
well... before my birthday comes we will take first our quarterly exam... 0-O

next week will be our quarterly exam while next next week (august 17) will be my b-day!
there are some people who greeted me already in friendster so thank you very much!

well... tomorrow we don't have classes because the malacaƱang announce that tomorrow will be a non-working holiday here in the philippines because tomorrow will be the funeral of the former president corazon aquino

well... she's the very first woman president here in asia and even became one of the most excelent president here in the philippines...

anyway I have a trivia!

did you know that former president corazon aquino studied in St.Scholastica's Academy Manila when she's in grade school?
~oyeah! that's true! and i'm very proud to be a scholastican too! she studied in st.scho manila while me in st.scho marikina... anyway it's both exclusive for girls school.... 'cause it's still st.scho! hha:))

So when she died she had a BIG effect in all St.Scholastica here in the philippines...
our school even distributes yellow ribbon (symobolizes corazon aquino)

so condolence to all filipinos!i felt a little sadness too when i heard that she passed away....

so thank you all for reading my blog! and thank you former president corazon aquino!

anyway....celebrate my birthday with me here on blogspot okey?! ^^haha:)
before i end...

i have a trivia again!...
did you know that the first album of danson tang released last august 17,2007?
i'm really happy 'cause his first album release on exact date of my birthday! hha:)
so august 17 are both important date for me and danson:) ]sharing[

klaire's imperfect world


-~HESTER~- said...

OMG!REALLY?I will give you a surprise!But please tell me when is your birthday!

cherrie said...

o_o when is ur bday???

Dwitia Iswari said...

interesting post xD

klaire's imperfect world... said...

HESTER: haha:) no need to give me a surprise leh~! but anyway!
thank you♥

CHERIE AND HESTER: my birthday is on august 17... it's in my post!

DWITA: thank you:)

cherrie said...

o_o 17th august?? wow..th same day as my country xD

Qi Wen said...

oh.. hahas (: yr birthday is coming soon ya! will make u one b'd banner when yr b'd is up! (: hahas... ya time flies (: