Saturday, August 29, 2009

disgusting + funny video

HALO! Photobucket
new post here! it's been a long time since i post a new blog
so now i wanna share a video for all of you! :D

hohoho!!!Photobucket you should watch the video! haha:)) try not to laugh... Photobucket
well.... for sure some of you will find this video disgusting.

it's kinda "PG" but its really funny!
i just saw this video from my facebook... i wanna share it this time!

please comment on this post once you've watch or read this new short post!
GTG! bye!
my next post will be on September 2 'cause September 2 is the most important day for me! Photobucket guess it!!! okey? hahas:)

bye! Photobucket


391``✖ said...

LOL! quite funny funny but th video is soooo lagg .__.

moonzkie said...

lol sooo funny..

[ k r y k ] said...

LOL for the video.
but its kinda gross haha. :)

shirley said...

haha..i laughed at this video

.The Queens said...

hahah! Lol' funny,
i can't hold it..:))

♥Cherrie- said...

omgomg. scary. .___.

LISA said...

Hahaha, the video is funny! Hahas! :)

jessica :) said...


Farhana said...

i really didnt understand the video . sorry. but the men in the pink nurses, suits are hilarious.
thank you for the comment.
and you can check out my blog at

-elle♡ said...

ew though XD

Nicole said...

LOL that was funny xD