Tuesday, June 23, 2009

fathers day special^^

ni hao!

klaire unnie is here^^

first of all i just want to advance my thanks to all of you for reading my first blog....

well.... i was trying to say is.... fathers day 09 for me is really happy(o^-^o)

fathers day strikes at sunday! so meaning?? .... there's hana kimi taiwan! waha>

if you're leaving here in the Philippines you could watch Hana kimi taiwan every sunday at 10 am....

isn't the story and the love team of rui xi(ella chen) and quan(wu chun)is really kawaii~!!

so after i just said or type all those things i just proove to all of you that I'M CERTIFIED HANA KIMI TAIWAN FAN! harhar~!

okeii.... let's go back to the "fathers day topic"

okeii.... we celebrate it in mall.... hha:] with my relatives.... i really enjoy going out with my reltives especailly with my bessie'!

we eat at a Chinese restaurant... *lazy to mention the restaurant*

and after we eat, we have this "bowling" hha:]]

oyeah! it's my first time to play bowling but it's NOT my first time to go to a bowling place....

i really enjoyed playing this sport/game... i find it challenging for the beginners.... of course! hha

amm.... the ball is kinda heavy i mean really heavy..... so no choice! if i want to play i have no choice!^^

but i think it's really okeii because just like what i said i really enjoyed it!

honestly i didn't have a "strike" hha:]] but it's okay! it's my first time so no need to be shy! o_o

so after that day i officially love bowling!

so if you want to go out with me.... let's go play bowling! harhar~! jokes!

for those people who's really good in playing that sport... go find me! help me! and i'll teach you how to play badminton! hha:]] (yeah! i play good at badminton.... 'cause i always have a training on it every summer)

so unni what about you?! what happen to you fathers day special 09?
what present did you give to your dad?
(me? i don't give anything to my dad... hha:] xorii^^ no money for this time, maybe next time)

so hope you enjoy celebrating fathers day! and i hope you also enjoyed reading my first blog!

i love you all guys! * always here for all of you!* just call me c: harhar!

so again, from the bottom of the heart of klaire lustaƱas (me) i really want to say thank you to all who read my first blog!


< * END * >

~klaire unnie^^~

please wait for my next post!

jia you!


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