Friday, June 26, 2009

DYING... eH?


yesterday we play badminton and till now my body is aching! T_T

i really can't move well!! back ache,arm ache,heart ache,legs ache.....M2M

we should play badminton only but when we came there our mom ('cause i'm with my friends),
our mom says that we should have a

"waaa!" >haggad much T_T

really need someone to take care of me... *where's danson?!*

we go there at 4pm and our training ends at 7pm, and we go home at 8pm....

while were having our training i got
CRUMPS! (i know you know that... right?!)

i really can't move my legs! but how lucky i am i'm alright now!

and while were playing badminton my heart really aches and i can't hardly breath! i'm breathing through my mouth.... i really don't know what happened to me at that day/that time...

my friends even tell me, "KLAIRE WAG KA MUNA MAMATAY!" (klaire don't die yet!) hha:]
they're really concern on me! REALLY concern!, and when they say that i jockly said, "of course i'll not die yet! i'll die in taiwan not here!" hha:]] (told yah~! i'm addicted in taiwan)

but of course i'll not die yet! klaire lustañas will not die yet if I didn't see in personal danson tang harhar~!

so that... till at this time... 9:20 in the morning of 6/27/09 my body is still aching...

i already put "salonpas" on my legs... but still, not yet working!

maybe tomorrow i'm alright... i hope so!

so i think my second blog will end up here...

thanks for reading everyone!

i heart yah all!


'klaire lustañas (yu zhe)

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