Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i've won !

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HALO!! i have a good news011 Pictures, Images and Photos this is the second contest i've joined here in BS and i can't believe i've won!! i'm super happy :D but i'm not the first placer. i'm just second placer but i should be thankful for that 'cause still, i get a place on that kawaii contest.this will not be possible without our kawaii host non other than joyce of puffy town. you can't tell how happy i am right now so xiexie!!i really didn't expect that i will got a place on this contest 'cause all the participants has a really kawaii blog/theme so i'm really amaze that i got the second i'm PROUD of myself :D yeay! haha!!001 Pictures, Images and Photos
but guys i've got a bad news.... the result of my exams are not that high compared to my first quarter grades so i'm in danger of being on hiatus soon.i didn't failed but my grades go down down down down!! MY BAD 006 Pictures, Images and Photosbut i'm still not sure if i'll be on hiatus. it depends on my parents 'cause they will be the one who'll confiscate my laptop! poor me!! but in case this will happen, i'll just borrow the laptop of my friend and i'll ask her if she can allow me to use her laptop. so i hope my grades in card will be high!! i need miracle!! haha!! so this isn't sure yet.

so anyway i really want to say thanks again to the host of the contest i've joined!! xiexie! 010 Pictures, Images and Photosgod bless xD and also for the participants!! you made the contest challenging!!so xiexie also004 Pictures, Images and Photos

PS: OMG ! remembering the westlife's songs. i keep on listening to their songs even though they are not that popular right now!! but their songs are the best!! they still rock for me :]


aehlyn said...

wow. congrats for winning the contest! ^^ and I'm wondering if it'll also happen to of what's happening to you right now.. about the laptop thingy because of low grades. :(

Ambry said...

Congratulations on winning the contest, sis! :D I'm happy for you!!! And I hope you won't have to go on hiatus even though you have to study more :( You know.. when you take a break you can always get online if you wish *huggles*


moonzkie said...

congrats sis... im happy for you =D

一片无聊的叶子 said...

Gratz =]

あいこ said...

wah! grats ya! :D

kaka said...

**jealous..ahhahhah jkjk
ooo,,n sorry about ur exam result too, but Fighting aniway! it's gonna be beTTer ;)

klaire said...

Klaire @ all,

klaire @ kaka,
no need to be jealous. your blog is one of the most kawaii blog i've ever seen :D BTW, fighting!!

additional : i didn't receive anyway PTC letter! so meaning i don't have a failing grade.

afeeqah said...

congrat..sorry 4 late ;)