Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas brake

hello:) wow!! i didn't post anything last week:) sorry^^
anyway!! it's our christmas brake alreadyPhotobucket owh this is what i call freedom:D i don't have any plans yet but we will go out of town (hopefully) on christmas! yeay!! and we just have our christmas party yesterday and its just so fun :P I can already feel the christmas!!Photobucket example of this is when you wake up early in the morningPhotobucketit's really cold compared on normal days and when you want to take a shower you really need a heaterPhotobucketso you'll not catch!! days are so fast! christmas is near:) and BTW, after christmas party i and my friends go to mall... anyway, i just made my desktop last week ad i failed to share it to my co-blogger:) so here's a picture of my desktop:D i made is simple 'cause simple is nice.... here it is....
lol!! it isn't that good because i only made it for 1 any half hour! i'm in rush:) haha!!but try to appreciate itPhotobucket if you want to request a desktop wallpaper i think i can help you with itPhotobucket it's easier to make a desktop wallpaper than making a blog theme! who's with me?? haha! so all you have to do is leave a message on my tagboard and once i'm free i'll make your desktop wallpaperPhotobucket
PS: my current desktop wp (the picture above) is all made by me and i only use MS paint to make it. no adobe


Yunnie said...

Yeah. It's Christmas already.
And, woah, isn't it Danson Tang the guy in your desktop wp? Love him!
I like your desktop wp! So simple! Love the color combination!


kaka said...

Christmas party??aww Wanna join too!
^^kikik, ur pic edition is very cute~
Lov love ittt:)