Friday, December 4, 2009


hello:) waa~~ feel bad today T_T head ache strikes! bang!! i have colds again! and the bad thing
about this is... i'm allergy on any medicine that's related with cold so i can't do anything but to
drink water and plenty of rest.... anyway, your tags are still unreplied. i'll reply to your tags
maybe tomorrow... we have many school works so i really don't have time to open my blog and if
ever my time is available i'm opening my second blog and not this one...*MY SECOND BLOG IS
NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN TO PUBLIC^^* please link it:) it's not yet really ready 'cause i
have to finalize it..... but it's ready to be expose:)) so support it mahh~~ anyhow.... i just receive
the last issue of candy magazine for this year... (i'm subscribing it:D) so i'm really happy for the
new ish. of the magazine!know what's my fave. about the new candy mag. issue?? here's a picture
i just get it in candy magazine official site and edited somethings....

gadgets is one of the most important things in my life and i'm sure on your life too^^ candy mag.
is awesome 'cause they're giving me info about some gadgets i'm craving for... love it:D but right
now i'm really craving for pink vaio laptop! the pinkness the kawaiiness really matches my dream
laptop!!perfect!! so anyway... we had our recollection today.and it's really fun:) and next friday is
our astro camp.!! yeay! i'm looking forward for that day. 'cause on this day we will have our
regular classes (7:15- 3 pm) and after that we will not go home yet 'cause of this astro camp. one
of the activity is we will watch the satellites(of course, our school will provide the telescope)
and of course a orientation and many more. our teacher says we don't have time to sleep 'cause of
many activities we have to accomplish! lol!! the astro camp will start at 6 pm and will end at 6 am
exciting is in it?? so anyway, my post will end up here. gtg!! hope my colds will subside already



aehlyn said...

wao. may 2nd blog ka pala? ^^ I can't wait for your 2nd blog to be opened! ^^

well, me too. I'm so-so craving for the pink vaio laptop! =.=

deniece said...

i want the pink one too, hehe.
but i have the gray one :)

headaches? me too! waaah and colds. get well soon to us!

cLarcy said...

wow that astro camp is exciting.. :) me too wanna have a laptop..