Wednesday, July 15, 2009

school ! so really really very BUSY !

Hi! first of all i want to apologize to all of you for not opening my accounts.

i'm really busy ! if only i have time ! i will open my accounts and stay in front of my computer all day! owh! i miss the times that i spend almost all of my time in front of my computer! but now ! ugh!

OWH GOD~! it's really hard for me to study all my lessons ! they're torturing ME! i hate it!

my schedule for this week is... we have 7 long test and i will do my book report,news reporting, and free talk ! so i have to memorize all of that! i really don't know if i can do it! hope i can ! but i think i can't !!!

so to all my online friends! i really need to say sorry to all of you 'cause i have not time for you, guys! xori!

i can's smile anymore! everyday, new assignments,new reportings new lessons! what shall i do to make it all easy for me?!!!

i don't even have time for danson! all my classmates are addicted to KIM BUM and i'm the only one for danson! whatever pips'! ugh! i don't know the latest news about danson right now! i don't even know what's he's latest schedule! gotta check it ASAP!!!!

i really need time! kailangan ko tlga ng oras!

i don't even have time for myself... every lunch i spend all of my time to study for my next subjects so sometimes i'm not eating anymore! and on the coming week we'll have our outreach! and by the way! tomorrow i'm the prayer leader! what will i pray!???

i feel stupid!

so.... guys! really need to go! it's already late in evening so i need to sleep and tomorrow i have class! told 'yah i'm really busy!

so wait for the next part! xiexie:D

to be continued ← due to lack of time, i have to continue my blogging next time i'll sign in again...

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