Thursday, November 26, 2009



i've been browsing some pictures on and look what i've found!Photobucket
(please refer on the picture on top) LOL!! it's too pink and to kawaii! and i think it's delicious also! yup!!some of the stuffs are chewable! i mean almost all those stuffs are chewable!!haha!! LOL! i wanna taste it:P right now i'm craving for many sweets i don't care if i'll increase a weight! xD~~ my mom says i'm too skinny but i'm not! my weight is 48 kilograms and i think it's normal:) guess what; my weight decrease by 20 pounds! lol. i'm chubby years ago but now... i don't have any comment! haha!Photobucket well anyway, my observation this week is almost all my co-bloggers are posting a topic about sweets and i like it:D haha! i'm enjoying reading a post especially when it's all about foodPhotobuckethaha! i'm a food digger and i mean it!! hahas:)) i'm just having a fun time when i'm eating and drinking juice. anyway, on the past few days i became addicted on SNSD A.K.A "girls generation" especially to their songs! capital O-M-G! they're so hot + pretty + kawaii also^^ i love their group! i want to meet them Photobucket~~ their group is really famous here in our country! especially there song "GENIE" . it's really popular here! well... to be honest, i love the way they sing and the way they dance. as of now one of my favorite MV of them is "GEE" lol! the song is cute especially the dance steps:) too bad i'm not good in dancingPhotobucket i never succeed on dancing! haha! anyway, here's the MV of "GEE" by SNSD... it's the white background version.....

LOL! cute white shirt plus sexy short.... PERFECTPhotobucket!
i really love SNSD just like the way i love the taiwanese girl group S.H.E~~
both of them rocks!!anyway, i decided to post a blog every week!! i don't know if it's good or
bad news! but i hope it's good news ! haha! but once i failed to post a topic there's only 2 reasons.
it's either i'm busy or i'm just to lazy to post a blog. Photobucket yeah! i was born to be lazy! and i can't
do anything but to accept it xD! so 'till here guys! GTG! byePhotobucket

owh anyway, last one! i'm currently joining the "BEST BLOG AWARD 2009" hosted by Shimin.
here's a proof xD

please go to my freebies section to read the information
about the contest... thanks^^~ wish me luck :D

Photobucket PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DAD. Photobucket


❤☠●〇вσειиg〇●☠ ❤ said...

LOL girlsgeneration rocks ;D

WINTER said...

i love the song Gee and the dance movements :D they are COOL :D

kaka said...

**Those cute pink staff are chew able? LOL!! i thought those are hair accessories! hahah^^

klaire @ kaka said...

xD when i saw that pic in the photobucket it says there almost all those stuffs are chewable. but i agree with you:) i think some of the stuffs are hairclips... lol!

jeanu said...

wow those are kawaii and yummy stuff. GEE is really catchy song.right?:D

cLarcy said...

oh those pink stuffs are edible? i want to taste them then.. hahah.. i love S.H.E wee.. anyways sis got a new post at link ex?