Thursday, June 12, 2014

mini shopping haul

First of firsts, I'm not supposed to shop but I cannot resist!! I'm saving up for the concert of One Direction and now that I used some of the money that I save up, I'm not sure what will going to happen. The selling of the tickets is 3 weeks from now so I hope I sell some of my pre-loved clothes!

So anyway, yesterday we checked in in a hotel in Makati because we watched a movie and it's going to finish late so we just check in instead of commuting late at night. I'm with my sisters only so we don't have any transportation. We watched a German movie at 5 pm then after that, we went straight to Glorietta because my sisters watched another movie (French movie) They doubt that I'm not going to sleep (haha!) so while they were watching a movie, I go around the mall but I wasn't able to buy anything because I really don't want to spend. To cut it short, we went to Gateway because it is on our way home and today is the opening of UNIQLO! But I didn't shop at UNIQLO. lol. I went at Mango and I experienced heaven. All their clothes are on sale!! And it's the first day! God knows how I tried not to buy all the clothes that I was planning to get during that time. I tried. So these are some of the pieces that I end up buying. I still want to go back and buy the clothes that I decided not to get all for the love for 1D. haha!

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