Sunday, September 14, 2014

Inspiration Sets

I'm going to show you some of my inspiration sets that I made through polyvore. As you all know, I'm an interior designer wannabe and I'm not yet taking any degree course in interior design so I don't know the terms of real Interior Designer use to describe a look/design so I'm sorry for that.

First set is a Boho inspired design. matching different pillowcase is probably one of the most fun thing to do because you get to mix and match the color and prints that you want. For me, Bohemian prints are best paired with white and/or gold things. I think paring it with white and/or gold balances the whole look. I love the gold statement of the side table it is perfect. 

I don't know how to describe this design but don't you think this is cute? I want to include these things in my future house. I think I'm obsessed with the fur carpet. Whenever I try making sets, I always want to include a fur carpet or at least a fur rug. lol. The tables, the sofa, the statement chair, and the pillow looks really good together. The designs of the table are really adorable!
I know there's a term to describe this look but I don't know what it is. hehe. If you will look at my interior design tumblr blog, most of the photos that I reblog looks like this. The look is so tumblr-worthy.

Expect more interior design related post! Thanks for reading! :)

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