Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Chapter

I have a really exciting news and I'm too excited I don't know how I should say it. I want to make this a super special post (because it really is!) but I don't have any idea on how I should make this extraordinario so I'm not going to make any fuss anymore I'm going straight to the point.

So.. I'm going to study Interior Design!!! Funny how my last post is about me ranting about Interior inspirations and not taking up a degree in Interior Design, but now I'm really going to study Interior Design. For real! I didn't know that my plans on taking up Interior Design would push through but now that it is going to happen, I'm really glad that I tried applying to it and fortunately, I passed. I know that this is not going to be easy, I'm fully aware of that. My friends and family already warned me enough. I already have my flowchart and the subject are quite intimidating. I'm not good in drawing but I'm really willing to learn. I actually emailed one of my most favorite interior designer and she gave me an advice on what to expect on the field. I'm very nervous because besides on the subjects, I'm also a transferee so I need to be extra sociable so I can have new friends! I'm aware that taking up this course would also mean that I should be ready to all the sleepless nights and stressful plates that is needed to be done on time. I'm expecting for the worse so I won't be too surprised and overwhelmed on all the works that will be given to me. I chose this, so I need to persevere and do my best.

It was hard for me to leave my university because my friends are there and I'm going to miss the campus. My friends and family were actually encouraging me to just stay in my university but it is just hard for me to study the course that isn't my interest. I want to prove them all that I can do this. First time in my life, that I'm really motivated to study hard. haha! But I'm actually aiming for a scholarship because I know that this course is really expensive. My 3 older siblings are also in college so just imagine the tuition fees that my parents are paying. So having a scholarship would rally mean a lot. I can do all things through Christ.

I'm going to update every now and then. I'll really try my best to be active here.

~ "God wouldn't have allowed it unless He had a purpose. Don't just go through it- grow through it."

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