Saturday, August 1, 2015

Uni update

I actually forgot that I have a blog and that's my excuse for not posting for quite a long time. hehe! Anyway, 2 weeks from now I'm done with first term. Gosh it was so fast! I feel like we're just floating through time! It's already August (MY BIRTH MONTH!!! YEYY!) and -ber months is approaching again. 4 months went by so fast and to be honest it was a so-so experience. There were times that I don't wanna go to school because of my long breaks in between classes but I'm just so excited to learn everything related to my course. I've fallen in love with interior design more and more everyday and I can't wait to learn more in the future! Although I'm the "beginner" in our class (LOL) it's a challenge for me to do better on my plates. As much as I want to show you all the plates that I've done I don't think it's blog worthy enough. haha! maybe next time I'll show you some of it. I'm still not good at drawing but I think I improved... a little. LOL. I'll do better in the future I'm sure. :)

Anyway, that'll be all for my uni update. See you on my next post! x

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