Sunday, July 24, 2016


I have 3 more days left before this term ends and I'm super excited about it!! It's no joke studying in a school which has a trimestral system. You really need a grip because everything is happening too fast. Everything is in fast phase, you need to catch up and you barely have time to take a break. I feel like we just finished our mid term and now I'm down to my last 3 finals.

In all fairness, our finals is a little bit easier compared to our mid term. I have 2 scale models (group work), 2 plates and presentation, & defense. At least our scale model is in group of three's so the work load is distributed. I can't wait to finish our scale model and my presentations for my plates! We're already done with our first scale model for my History of Interior Design class (above photo) We finished everything in 4 hours!!! hahahahaha! It's in Biedermeier style, and to be honest it looks better than what we expected - considering that we crammed it in 4 hours. And now, we just have to finish our scale model for my Interior Design 1 class. We're doing an industrial interior and we realized that it was such a wrong move. Everything should be detailed, from the ceiling to the furniture. I'm hoping that we can finish it tomorrow since we're the first group to present on Tuesday. Wish me luck!! x

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