Saturday, August 6, 2016

Birth Month

Whaaaaat??? It's already August!! wow I cannot process how fast time goes by! -ber months is fast approaching once again and I don't know what to feel about it, but I'm seriously in awe on how quick this year has been for me.

As you guys all know (or not) August is my birth month. 17th of August 1996 was the exact day I blessed this planet with my presence. lol. kidding. haha! As much as I don't want to care whether my birthday is getting near, my friends has no chill on reminding me. I should be happy since they remember my birthday but I'm so broke right now, I don't have any funds to treat all the people that I'm really thankful of for being part of my life.

*insert Kim So Hyun*

I cannot believe that in 13 days, I'll be saying goodbye to my teenage self. It makes me a little sad because if I'll be asked about the unforgettable memories that I created during my teenage life, I honestly couldn't think of much. All I did during my free time was binge watch korean dramas and fangirl over these goddess actors. By the way, I just finished watching My Love from the Other Star And OMG KIM SOO HYUN WILL YOU MARRY ME. This is the reason why I hate watching korean dramas, it's hard for me to move on and get over with it. Stalking the actors after finishing a drama is guaranteed. ugh. Anyway, besides that, I really can't think of any. Graduating from high school, entering college, meeting new friends, getting (or at least trying) to be a mature young adult, getting fit... these are the only things that I can remember. I feel like I've been missing a lot of things. I think I'm too good to remember any fun "crazy" memories that I did. Though there were few thing that I did or experience for the first time during my teenage year, I believe that it isn't too late, or shall I say it's never too late to experience the thrill of life.

For the last few days of being a 19 year old woman, I... I don't know. I have no plans but to finish all these korean dramas that I missed. It's my first time again to have a break after more than one year of continuous work, so it's the perfect time time to catch up on all the K dramas. haha!

PS: I'm now watching Reply 1988. PARK BO-GUM CAN YOU NOT. I CAN'T. huhuhu!
PSS: tbh, I want to stop watching it already because there were quite a few number of scenes that I find boring but I need to continue it for Park Bo-Gum. He's just too cute I cannot resist!

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