Wednesday, August 17, 2016

20th birthday

I just turned 20 years old! wow the day went by so fast and now I need to wait for another year to celebrate my birthday again. Isn't unfair that we only get to celebrate our birthday for one day? I wish we can celebrate it for a week. Like instead of calling it birth"day", we can normally greet the celebrant a happy birth"week"! lol. I'm never excited to celebrate my birthday since I turned 17 but during the day itself, I always wish that I can extend it. I need more time to celebrate this special day. Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way. haha!

Anyway, Nothing extravaganza happened during my birthday. To be honest, as simple as I may celebrate my birthday, the better. I don't want to throw a big birthday party. I prefer to celebrate my special day with few people who are really close to my heart - which are my family and my close friends. For this year, I get to celebrate my birthday with my mom, dad and my godmother. Since it is a weekday, my siblings couldn't make it because of school and work but that's fine.

Early in the morning, I went to school for enrollment. Then I went to the mall to buy myself a present and a milk tea since I haven't eaten anything the whole day until that night. I dropped by the church because it's a must and a priority. Then we went out for dinner and that is where my cheat meal begun. no. freaking. regrets. Every calorie is worth it. haha! We went to a buffet restaurant and as shallow as it may sound, but I've never felt so special because of the simple cake that they gave me. I like this kind of stuff. Simple yet very moving. :)

I'm so blessed that I get to celebrate my 20th birthday. I wouldn't be able to make it this far if it weren't because of God. Thank you so much Lord for giving me the gift of life. Thank you for giving me another year to fulfill my purpose here on earth. I glorify you Oh God and I love you.

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