Friday, August 7, 2009

chinese class

i'll be really busy in the coming days because of our quarterly exam! it's next week already!
wednesday - friday!

i have my first chinese class today! hahas:) i'm really busy 'cause my club dismiss us late so i have no time to attend chinese class... so good thing i'm early today:D

i'm really clueless of what our teacher is teaching us! you know.... she keeps on saying chinese words and i can't even understand her english! 'cause her english accent is really hard to understand... i mean she's slang... (i'm not insulting her i'm just saying the truth!) but her chinese is really good... 'cause she's half chinese and she lives in china last year and migrate here in philippines! yeay! harhar!

anyway... may i change the topic.... thanks for those who voted me in miss taiwan club! well.... they said it's already broken *meaning, once you vote there your vote will not be counted anymore* so thanks for all your support! i love yah guys!

and for the very first contest i've joined... the result is...."i loose!" haha:) i don't know why i'm really proud of the result! well... i think i deserves that! 'cause i'm not expecting to be one of the winners... but anyway thanks again for those who said goodluck for me!:D

i love you again and again!
XOXO -klaire:)

"i can't believe that i'm not studying! next week will be our exam but still, i'm to lazy to study! darn! i became lazier everyday!"

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