Friday, August 14, 2009

different topics... xD

(i hate danson for making me addicted to him)


hahas:) at last! our exam ended today so i can spend my time now in front of computer!

sorry for late reply guys! i have to take my time in studying my notes...
(even if i don't like)

so on monday will be my birthday! wuhu! and the results of our exam :O~! owh that's the trilling part! yiiee!!!

i wish the results are good! but i have to be honest! our exam is really difficult!
all the subjects have an essay part except math! haha:))

but anyway... danson has a new post in his blog! you can go directly on his blog by clicking
here ~! guys! help me to translate it in english! i try my best to understand it, but i really can't! anyone who can translate it for me?!'s my hobby to look on his blog everytime i have time to open my computer! so don't be shock if i'm update in danson's post!
well... my friends says i'm obsessed on him! but i think i'm not that obsess... just a number one fan of him!
owh here's my punch line....
" i take danson as drugs 'cause i'm addicted on him! " xD~!

i always say that in front of my friends 'cause i'm proud that i really admire danson:D

hahas:) so anyway... i really have to say sorry to all of you 'cause of late replies!
but i'll try my best to reply to all of your messages~!

so what about now?! i think my blog will end up here.... till here guys!


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