Friday, August 14, 2009

a very short post!

watch the video first:)

the topic of this post should be the MV of wonder girls "nobody but you".
but when i heard the song of danson tang "xin ge" i decided to change it :) hahas^^
so almost all of my post is about danson,
i think i don't have anything to say this time...
so enjoy the video and enjoy the short post! haha!


told yah~! it's really short!


QING--★ said...

Danson's Xin Ge is nice to listen :D

klaire's imperfect world... said...

hahas:) oyeah! i love his songs and all his MV! except "xin ge" 'cause he has a kissing scene there :((...

i hate the girl! urgh! hahas:)

thanks QING~!

Jaime said...

danson!! =p