Friday, November 20, 2009


WOW! what a good day to post a new topic! Photobucket
anyway i want to take back on what i've said on my last post(which i've deleted)Photobucket the one that i'll be in short hiatus blah blah...Photobucket i want to take it back 'cause every weekdays i'm not allowed to stay in front of computer in long time so for short i will fail to visit all my accounts during weekdaysPhotobucket but during weekends i have a free time or which i want to call freedom...Photobucket so for sure i'll visit all my accounts but i'm not saying that every weeks i'll post a new topic here on my blog... it's still not sure;but hopefully... Photobucketanyway i just want to give a clear explanation on that so there will be no questions about that short hiatus things..
(please be reminded/noted by the picture on the upper left side)Photobucket

okey i'll start to share my stories to all of you (it's about what happened to i and my friends yesterday)Photobucket alright our agreement is we will meet in the mall in 11:15 in the afternoon in front of starbucks cafeteriaPhotobucket so of course once we go to the mall we will go directly in front of starbucks.i'm the very first one who arrive 'cause i go there at 11:11 am.Photobucket then my next friend arrive at 11:19 am then my other friend then the other then the other.... i'm with my 6 friends yesterdayPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket. So to cut it short when we all see eachother on the mall we go straight to the ticket vendor so we can buy a ticket on the cinema. actually half of uswants to watch new moon and half wants 2012 so in the end we all agree on 2012PhotobucketSo to admit we're like crazy yesterday! so when we go there at the cinema we're confusePhotobucket'cause there's a door in left and right and there is no sign such as entrance and exit so we just have to make a good choice so after a few seconds we all run to the left door and we'rePhotobucket'cause the door can't open. and we just realize that we enter the door for "FIRE EXIT" Photobucketso we go back again and we saw the lady laughing at us!Photobucket she's bad! haha! is it correct to laugh at us? hmp! bad girlPhotobucket... so after a minute we already find our seat in the cinema, ok to cut it short AGAIN when we our in the half of the movie my friend and i go out to buy some foodPhotobucket. So of course we hurry so we will not miss a scene on the after after we bought a food (which is fries and drinks) we run to our seats on the cinema. of course, as usual there's no light so we're like running in the middle of the night w/out lights xD so while we're runningPhotobucket i accidentally fall down and to be honest i got some bruises! ouch!Photobucket and all the people on the cinema are looking at us! so i don't have any choice to stand up,walk and pretend nothing happens. haha!! but luckily that's the last miss fortunePhotobucket that happens to me on that day! the movie ends at 2:50 and our third agreement is we will go home at 3 pmPhotobucket. it's lots of fun and at the same time lots of embarrassing moments that happens to me in one day!Photobucketbut i really enjoy it! thanks to all of my friends! a big hugPhotobucket for all of you! anyway, i want to show to you some pictures that's taken yesterdayPhotobucket (vanity strikes! BANG!)

( vanilla frappuccino; yhum! )

(LOL!! my name is danson:D)

(here at french baker)



cLarcy said...

oh sis.. that's pretty embarrassing hahah but we all have those moments.. i so want to watch 2012 too.. but i dont have time.. :)

kaka said...

^^sound so fun with ur friends,
---nice Nice day---klaire