Friday, November 13, 2009

My schedule

Thanks for Katie for passing this award to me , i'll just put the HEARTFELT BLOGGER AWARD info. on other time. anyway,hi guys! wow, its friday again so i have a "FREE" time to post a new blog here on my blog xD well... just finish my math long test this week and it's hard. always and FOREVER!! anyway i think i'll not be busy for next week (yeay!) but it's still not sure. i hope so... BTW on monday we will have our first outreach program to be held in our school 'cause our principal is too worried if we will be the one who'll go to the poor children's place so they just request the charity people to go to our school. not bad:D i'm kinda excited 'cause this will be the first time i can enjoy this outreach activity. because in our school we only do this kind of activity during highschool years so i'm in 1st year high school so this is my very first time... so tomorrow hopefully i can go to mall 'cause i always stay in our house to study and study and study and study!! so hope i can go out tomorrow. my aim?to go to nailcaholic!! it's a place where you can request for a footspa , nailpolish and many many more. but before i can go to mall i need to go to sportshub (my training place for badminton) to have some exercise. and BTW i lose 25 pounds on 2 months. LOL! don't know how i did it. i didn't take any reducing pills but i became more physically fit. another yeay! for this. haha. and on friday we don't have classes because our teachers have a retreat... so those are some of my schedule for the coming days. i'm too lazy to put all my schedules.'cause if i'll put it here i think you will take 1 hour to finish reading my blog. xD
anyway, i got another banner from edwin 'cause i join an SOTM contest. wanna see all my banners and all the contest i've join? go to my freebies section and open your eyes widely and look for it! jia you! xD and before i end this post, DANSON has a new post on his blog! yeay!wanna find out what's his latest post? this time, go to my links section and go to celebrities blog (below all my affies) and click on "DANSON ON WRETCH". read his latest post if you want.

PS: here in starbucks right now together with my friends drinking coffee and adding fats in our body xD my friends are insane!! they ordered lots of cake and almost all the customers are looking at us. haha! making-sweetness


kim said...

hi! dropping by to your blog. it's so cute! can we link exchange?

jeanu said...

hello dropping here, congrats on your award

Katie said...

school is a headache
but i wish u the best of all times
GUd Luck^^