Friday, June 24, 2016

JUNE 2016

Here's a quick recap on how this month goes for me:
a lot or plate revisions, bedroom floor plan, bedroom reflected ceiling plan, bedroom elevation, bedroom perspective, toilet and bath floor plan, T&B reflected ceiling plan, T&B elevation, T&B perspective, client contract, concept, 3 living room perspective with required colored scheme, french baroque interior rendering, 4 plates for my history of interior design class, mock job interview + written exam

Just a typical month for an Interior Design student I guess? nothing really special happened, I was SUPER busy with school and it's only our midterm!! This has been the busiest month for me. Well I always do a lot of plates but this month has been incredibly mentally, physically and emotionally draining. I needed to finish 16 plates in a span one week. I was so busy with school I literally forgot to eat the whole day. Pulled an all nighter, I skipped my workout and I missed my best friend's birthday party. It's still fresh in my memory how drained I was while I was doing these plates. I wanted to cry so bad because of stress but I had no time. lol. The 3 living room perspective (upper right photo) that I did was so bad though. I usually finish 1 perspective for at least 10 hours and I finished those 3 plates for 9 hours. HAHAHAHA! No regrets! I didn't care anymore I just need to rest. The confusing thing about being a design student or a designer is that you really need to rest or you won't be able to perform your best but you have no time to rest because it takes 1 whole day just to finish 1 work. So it's either you did an excellent job but you didn't finish all the work, or you finish all the work but it isn't good enough. The struggle is real. :(

I'm just happy our midterm is finally over. And now I just realized that we only have one month left before our finals!! (trimester problem) Can't wait for this term to end!

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