Sunday, July 26, 2009

i'm on hiatus

i'm on hiatus. i'll study my lessons 'cause are quarterly exam is coming...
even though it's next month i think i should prepare. so, even i'll be off for very long days please continue leaving some message in my tagboard... i'll reply to you once i'm free...but don't expect me to reply to you immidiately.... hope all of you understand:D i don't want to fail my subjects~! so i should study for a better result^^.... i may be online once in a while but it will not take long... i can't say when will i sign in again but once i'm online i will put it in my tagboard so you'll know^^... so bye guys^^ i'll miss yah all*-*~!hope everybody can understand me~!

zaijan~! JIA YOU!

i love you all~! hope i can chat with you all day long but i have to finish something... even it's irritating me~! ugh! i hate school !

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