Friday, July 24, 2009

I L♥vE "RAINIE YANG !" wo ai ni xD


i'm currently in a mood in posting blog~!
well... i can't think of something different but still interesting topic so i choose rainie yang to be my topic in my 9th blog:]

hello! who don't like RAINIE YANG?! well i have 4 words to describe her...
who's with me?
i love her! she's really talented!
she really can sing,dance,act well!

and she's my inspiration when it comes to styles!

well i have a sharing to you guys...
so all of you knows that my blog is ""
well... rainie's blog is "rainie's imperfect world":)

so i get the idea klaire's imperfect world to rainie yang:)

i'm so totally in love with her (don't get me wrong! i'm still a girl!)
i just love the way she sing,dance and act!

and i even love the way she cares for her dog that she calls it "yumi" cute name is in it?!
and i love her especially when she's with MIKE HE~!

owhmygosh~! they're such a cute couple!

anyway... soon her drama with wilber pan will be airing here in the philippines!
can't wait! even i already watch it i can still feel the excitement in mee!:D

i really wanted to buy her album but bad thing it's not available here in the philippines T_T
someday i want to meet her, but before i'll meet her, i'll make sure that i already met danson tang! hha:]

i love rainie yang~! such a pretty girl! and really popular!


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