Saturday, July 25, 2009


okey guys! hope you don't mind if i keep on blogging this days... i just miss the times that i'm having fun in front of computer xD :]

so here's another post! almost all of us knows this KOREAN girl group 2NE1. actually i'm not really an avid fan of them but i love there songs, but i'm not really that obsess in there group... harhar^^

well... actually i don't really know the names of the members of this girl group. i only know "SANDARA PARK" A.K.A "DARA" in korea and all around asia. 'cause before she enter showbiz in korea, she already enter the showbiz here in the philippines. well... all filipinos know that right? so i know her a little... i just remeber when i was a little kid, i'm having fun in singing her filipino songs... so that! hha:) *sharing*

first of all, i didn't expect that she will be really popular in korea so my expression is "WOW!"
is that sandara! i think her grammar in filipino is more good now, hha:)) i really don't know that she can sing well. i just know that she can act but not in singing. but anyway... after finding out that she's one of the most popular singer in korea, i think i'm wrong! oyeah! she's good in singing:>

there MV became really popular here in the philippines and even reach number 2 in MYX daily top 10. so there group are so amazing~! just like SHE^^ you know!, ela! hebe! selina! hha:)

okey... so i'll end up here! i just really want to make blog this days cause starting next week i'll become more busier 'cause are quarterly exam are coming! "dandandandan!" ugh~!

so thanks for reading leh~!

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kikiki~~ ur post always nice but it will better if eu share abt your daily life ne~~ more fun! x3